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The light chapter 5
Remember, english is not my main language, so sorry if I have grammatical mistakes every now and then
And another thing, when I make an parenthesis, in my case is an author’s note
Chapter 5: Beware
“Now let’s see what we got here”
While Takeda was busy taking care of his injured dad, Kung Jin was laughing about the weapon, Sonya looked at him and tried to ordered him to stop.
“I’m sorry general, but this is really hilarious”
“Control yourself soldier, why is this funny in the first place?
“Raiden really overreacted with this, It’s just a shaolin Chakram , it works just like a boomerang”
He said  as he was about to throw the object into a manikin that was almost destroyed by shotguns before Sonya stopped him.
“Don’t do that, put that thing away and keep it on the weapons vault”
In the meantime, Cassie & Jacqui headed to one of the HQ’s virtual intelligence rooms by ord
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The Jakeda Passionate Kid ( 1 year of Jakeda ship :iconpau1717:pau1717 2 1 1 anniversary of Mortal Kombat X! :D :iconpau1717:pau1717 0 0
The diary of Briggs
The diary of Briggs
Prologue : reasons
This is it, today I'm finally leaving my family's farm in order to get recruited on Johnny's Special Forces team, although I'm really excited, I think I'm feeling a little bit ashamed because I did not had the courage to tell my father the whole truth of my reason to move out,  only my mother knows everything, she even supported my decision and wished me the best of lucks.
Anyways, when Cassie arrived to the farm, chewing her bubble gum & taking her sunglasses off, she greeted my parents while I was still packing my stuff, I guess dad was telling her to be careful & such.
When it was time to leave, mom couldn't hold back her tears, she told me she loved me with all her heart and she whispered 'take care of yourself at Special Forces'
With dad it was the same only he hugged me tighter and told me this place will always be my home.
After i got in the car, Cassie noticed me looking at the road by the window with a kind of worried or frustrated a
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The Jakeda phone case (7 months later XP) :iconpau1717:pau1717 2 1
The light chapter 4
Hope you like it : )
Remenber, english is not my main language, so sorry if I have grammatical mistakes every now and then
“Hey Jacqui, is Takeda with you?”- Kung Jin asked
“eh yes, why? something wrong”- Jacqui asked
“Well… there´s some dudes dressed in gray masks with red goggles and black leathers. Asking is Takeda was around town, I lied telling them that I didn't  knew anything, , they left me alone but they’re asking questions to the neighbors too”- Jin informed as Jacqui headed to Takeda who he was sitting on her couch.
“ok Jin, we will be very careful if things go wrong because of them, call me or anyone else in special forces in case you need assistance or anything else, see you later”- Jacqui dismissed as she sat down near Takeda
“what happened?”- Takeda asked
“Jin called, he said that some ‘soldiers’ dressed in black leathers & red goggles were asking questio
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wood laser engraved: Jakeda :iconpau1717:pau1717 7 1 V-day Jakeda: love hurts :iconpau1717:pau1717 3 1
El viaje prlogo
El viaje prólogo
Han pasado 3 meses desde la derrota de shinnok a manos de Cassie Cage, todos los miembros de las fuerzas especiales habían gozado de días de paz y tranquilidad sin excepción alguna, pero en especial Takahashi Takeda, quien tiempo atras había planeado una futura cita con Jacqui Briggs al lado de una piscina con cócteles y el paseo en el bosque.
Un día después de un arduo día de entrenamiento común que solía terminar alrededor de las 6:00 de la tarde , Takeda decidió platicar con Jacqui sobre un viaje al templo shirai ryu que tenia que asistir el próximo fin de semana.
"Hola hermosa, ¿como has estado?"- Takeda preguntó
" ¡ah hola! pensé que ya te habías marchado a casa- Jacqui respondió
"Todavía no, venía a preguntarte algo"- Dijo Takeda
"¿Que pasa?"
"Verás, el maestro Hanzo me ha pedido que este fin de semana viaje al templo shirai ryu para un entrenamiento
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The light chapter 3
Hope you like it : )
Remenber, english is not my main language, so sorry if I have grammatical mistakes every now and then
And another thing, when I make an parenthesis, in my case is an author’s note
Chapter 3: temptations
“Alright guys! We need to prepare for a new mission, move it!”- Sonya screamed
This made Takeda be scared, he feared that his horrible nightmare would come true
“ok, fujin has contact us, his message was that an important white lotus weapon is missing; our mission is to locate the weapon as soon as we can, we´re going to divide in groups of two: Kenshi and Johnny, you will travel to the sky temple in order to get some information about the weapon
Cassandra & Kung Jin, I will take you 2 out of your comfort zone and you won´t do land missions, instead, you will stay here to check stuff and to give indications to every team about the believe location of the weapon.
Takeda & Jacqui, you will go to the now believe location of the
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An FOF :iconpau1717:pau1717 0 2 Another photo :iconpau1717:pau1717 0 0
The light chapter 2
hope you like it : )
 Remember, english is not my main language, so sorry if I have grammatical mistakes every now and then
And another thing, when I make an parenthesis, in my case is an author’s note
Chapter 2: Fear
Jacqui!- Takeda screamed
Agh my legs! help me Takeda!- Jacqui screamed
Takeda immediately grab her and took her to an abandoned furniture store that was still on good conditions
He leaned her back on one of the beds of the store
“Calm down”- Jacqui said with a weak voice
 “I’m not going to lose you now, hang in there babe”-  Takeda said as he started to search for some bandages or something to stop the bleeding, but Jacqui knew that her wounds and the amount of blood that she lost were too much, she was sure she would die at any moment
Cassie and Kung Jin tried to help Jacqui, but Takeda screamed to them that they needed to search for help somewhere as the 2 run away
“Takeda…” Jacqu
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The light
This is my first official fanfic, hope you like it J
English is not my main language, so sorry if I have grammatical mistakes every now and then
And another thing, when I make an parenthesis, in my case is an author’s note
Chapter 1:  The woods
After shinnok’s defeat, Cassie’s team, along with johnny & Sonya returned to the special forces HQ in order to heal everyone’s wounds, Kung Jin wasn’t there because he stayed on the shaolin temple, Takeda & Jacqui, they could not stop looking at each other, they had a big smile on their faces, Cassie noticed this, she could not help but suspect that those two probably were dating.
“Is your shoulder better Jacqui?”- Takeda said
“yeah, sweetie, no need to worry”- Jacqui said with a smile on her face
Takeda grab her injured shoulder, he gently rubbed it, with a cute smile on his face, that made Jacqui blushed a little bit, they were about to kiss,
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Remember, english is not my main language, so sorry if I have grammatical mistakes every now and then

And another thing, when I make an parenthesis, in my case is an author’s note

Chapter 5: Beware

“Now let’s see what we got here”

While Takeda was busy taking care of his injured dad, Kung Jin was laughing about the weapon, Sonya looked at him and tried to ordered him to stop.

“I’m sorry general, but this is really hilarious”

“Control yourself soldier, why is this funny in the first place?

“Raiden really overreacted with this, It’s just a shaolin Chakram , it works just like a boomerang”

He said  as he was about to throw the object into a manikin that was almost destroyed by shotguns before Sonya stopped him.

“Don’t do that, put that thing away and keep it on the weapons vault”

In the meantime, Cassie & Jacqui headed to one of the HQ’s virtual intelligence rooms by orders of Johnny, Jacqui took advantage of this and began to chat with her about earlier events.

When they got there, they saw a gray cyborg standing between the room along with other destroyed prototypes, it wasn’t in function, in fact no one really knew what was the purpose of keeping the cyber lin kuei data on the base.

Cassie posted some stuff in their place while Jacqui grab her high tech gauntlets, until they saw another sergeant silently leaving the room, his name was Abraham Ely, the lone ranger of the faction, he was tall, a bit muscular, with short hair and a scar in his left cheek.

Both Cassie & Jacqui had an indifferent attitude with him, but they wondered what was he doing there.

Meanwhile, Johnny was talking to Sonya about Kenshi’s conditions and some red dragon coordinates some agents found, although they weren’t really specific.

meanwhile, the doctor that was patching Kenshi told Takeda that he will be fine, he just needed to rest for a couple of days because of his injuries; a broken nose, strained muscles in his 2 arms and a bullet in his right leg.

Takeda left the room as he sat down on the floor, waiting for jacqui to come back, Sonya approached him but he immediately stood up and tried to leave.

“stop right there soldier”

“why did you send him there alone? didn’t you said that mission was on standby until monday?”

“he was ambushed, Bo Rai cho contacted us and no one but him was available to complete the mission”

“Couldn’t you send Johnny with him”

“Look Takeda, I know your biggest fear is the dead of the people you love, but there was nothing we could  do other that send a group of gunners to help him, now go, we have work to do”

Some hours later, although everything was proceeding as it was expected, there was a meeting intended for a new step for the red dragon missions. Some coordinates the agents found, directed them to 2 places, Lampang Thailand and Jalisco state in Mexico, they believed that in those places the clan was operating weapons trade with gangs and powerful leaders around earthrealm, in addition to other minor criminal activities.

The strategy used by Sonya was not to attract attention, one group of 2 people would mislead a cargo to the HQ and then they would got killed while the other team would directly eliminate them. Takeda and Jacqui got Jalisco state and Cassie, Jin & Abraham got Lampang.

“You 2 will go as civilians, we couldn’t figure out It the base was located on the city or in the woods or somewhere else, you will carry your combat gear on your luggage, here’s the plane tickets, you’re leaving tomorrow morning”- Sonya said

They both agreed as they headed to the gym of the HQ.

On the other hand, Jin & Abraham were excited to get all the action this time, but Cassie was feeling lazy and she asked if she could take a day off.

“Sargeant, you want to get that rank up?”

“Yes general I want it”

“Then earn it”

Both Jin and Ely reacted saying uuuu in a sarcastic way

“Yo she just murder you”

“Shut up Ely,  you hardly ever get praised by her”

“oh hello how are you Cassie? look who’s talking”

“Ok shut up Jin, let’s just leave and prepare our stuff”

The rest of the day was spent on training and checking out armor, guns & fighting techniques.

The next morning, both Jacqui and Takeda were ready to leave the country, while they were arriving to the airport Jacqui called her parents tell them she was leaving town for a couple of days.

Kung Jin, Cassie and Ely were scheduled to leave to Lampang until the afternoon so at the moment they were training as usual.

They spend 2 hours on an airplane flight, the plane arrived to the airport of Guadalajara, a rather small but important airport for the country. It was a sunny & hot day with barely no clouds on the sky, It was a common day in the city, while the 2 were stopped by a long line on international arrivals they began a conversation.

“Have you been here before?”- Takeda asked

“Not exactly, one time I went to Ciudad Juarez for a really short mission and to Puerto Vallarta with my family”

“Can you understand and speak spanish?”

“Yeah enough to ask, talk & curse”

“Well I barely know any spanish”

“Don’t worry”

After they got passed by the international arrivals & pick up their luggage, they sat down on some tables around a Burger King and a starbucks in order to figure out the location of the base.

“God Dammit why couldn’t they just wait to figure out this”

“Why don’t you ask that businessman the location? we’re only missing the name of the county around it”

“I’ll try”

She stood up as she got close to the business man that was chating on his phone

“¿Disculpe ehh sabe como se llama este lugar? (excuse me ehhh… do you know the name of this place?)”  Jacqui asked with a decent spanish

“¿Se refiere a cómo se llama este municipio?  no sabría decirle (you mean what’s the name of this county? no I don’t really know)”

She thanked him as she was about to get back with Takeda when she asked the same question to a guy in a hurry that responded in a hostile way

“¡Quitate pinche negra! (get of me negra!)”

“Negra! what did you just called me?”

“Leave him It’s not worth it”

Takeda approached her trying to calm her down

“Let’s go to the hotel babe, we need a little rest and some food before we get to the bloody action”

“Yeah.. look there’s a map outside of here, while I order a taxi can you give it a look?”

She agreed as she left the inside portion of terminal 1 of the airport only to see a simple map of the airport only to see a simple map of  the airport with the county’s name and some of Its key characteristics, she took some notes until Takeda showed up.

“What’s this?”

“A map of the airport”

“This could be useful, look I think this piece of paper can get us close to that base, where are we?”

“I think it’s called... Tlajomulco? don’t worry there’s no much difference from the others around the city”

“God dammit Sonya’s map doesn’t tell us more information other than a name of a small town”

“Ugh, we will continue this later, we really need a break from this”

As they left the airport, Takeda tried to talk to his dad but he forgot he was on a coma, instead he stared at the car window,  just feeling kind of confused, like a mix of happiness and worry.

After a long small trip around the city, they arrived to their assigned hotel, the tallest city in town, Sonya made a reservation of 2 nights and 3 days so  that meant they needed to take the base out of business as soon as they could.

The hotel’s name was Riu, the tallest building in town, filled with luxuries and big bedrooms accompanied with various designs depending on the level, a shiny lobby with a small restaurant, a gym and a big pool in the middle of the building.

Immediately after the receptionist assigned them a room they dropped their luggage and their bodies to the big King size bedroom.

They began to cuddle and slowly kiss lovingly until a phone call from Jax himself interrupted their moment.

“Dad? hey hello”

“Jacqui, is everything alright?”

“Yeah, we still missing the base but it’s all good, how’s moms doing?”

“Good, she just left home, I think she’s trying to start some kind of local business or something, by the way, when are you coming back?”

“Maybe in 4 to 5 days, but we only have 2 hotel nights so we don’t know”


“I’m here with Takeda”

“The kid from the other day? please tell me if he’s hurting you or something worse”

“No! what the hell? dad stop being so paranoid, I trust him and if something happens I can defend myself”

“Sorry, but I can’t stop thinking about your safety, your so far from home”

“Come on dad I’ve been in worse scenarios, look I gotta go now, we’ll talk at night, tell mom I say hello, bye”

After that call, they both left their room and headed to the hotel’s gym, usually when they get the chance to rest in a hotel while completing a mission the whole team loves to train in group, especially if there’s a wrestling ring on it, but before that they focus on specific parts of the body to warm up, Jacqui loves to throw kicks at a bag and do weights while Takeda likes to do gravity defying moves and backflips.


Although that part of the missions started slowly, with Cassie that wasn’t the case, they beat up every single guy right of the gate, with fast action and attacks that guaranteed blood would be dropped, from low kick to deadly uppercuts along with some signature moves like   for Cassie and    for Jin.

Abraham couldn’t really hard fight,he didn’t develop a style of combat when he was younger but he sure compensated that with his ability to fire all kind of guns & military technology.

They quickly got rid of everyone in the building except for one person, Daegon himself, but he didn’t want to fight, he quickly ran away from them, although he almost got spotted by Jin while he reached his portal.

“Look at him, who thought he would end up being a coward bastard”- Jin said

“I don’t think so”


“Do you see this shit? we’re done here, he never got a chance to even fight us, but how did he do that?”

“No idea, but judging by this photo I think they’re called red dragon for a reason”- Ely showed them the photo that was kept on a classified document, it consisted on a giant & ancient looking red dragon that looked like he just lay low in Daegon’s presence, the strange thing was that he had chains all over his neck and legs, a prisoner in a deep cave with flames surrounding it.

But everyone was curious on why was it a prisoner? shouldn't it be some kind of beloved or sacred being? cassie tried to search for more pictures or documents of the dragon but instead she  found out something else.

“Oh by the elder gods, Jin I think I recognize this woman of the photo”-Cassie grab a document

“Who’s her? oh… wait it’s that Takeda’s mom?- Jin asked

“Apparently, she has the same surname… oh my gods, she was brutally murdered by these assholes, how did Takeda survived? and why are this paper's  located here?”

“I’ve heard that she send him to hide on a small village and then Kenshi found him there, as for the papers, maybe is the amount of people they have assassinated in this city, remember this is Takeda’s hometown”

“Oh yes, anyways this might be really useful so let’s wait for the reinforcements, otherwise we can’t carry all of this to the base”

It ended just like that, another target neutralized, usual stuff for them, as for Takeda & Jacqui, they now got a new location, Chapala, a small town 1 hour away from the city.

In the meantime, they just wanted to have a good time either on a sports bar or a traditional mexican restaurant, at the end they decided for the last one, while they were eating some Pozole and quesadillas (damn I got hungry) they informed to Sonya about the new location and she informed them about the success of Cassie’s mission, but she didn’t mention anything about the information found about Suchin Takahashi because she consider that it wasn’t the time to remind him about that, she would eventually had to do it though.

After that, they stayed at the hotel’s lobby in order to see and examine the area of Chapala, a village surrounded by small cities with different names and lifestyles, as they saw the green area around it, they just couldn't find anything suspicious, it was their final night at that hotel so they felt all the pressure on their backs, they already got all their stuff ready to leave but that didn’t matter at the moment.

The next morning, they immediately left the hotel around 9 in the morning and they headed to the bus central of the city, they were told that there’s an specific bus that takes you directly to Chapala, the station was kind of old to say the least, ok at best, but it was the only way, at least it wasn't full of people and little kids like on weekends.

But the bus, oh my gods it was dirty and so unpleasant as hell, but the trip isn’t that long so it won’t be torture. Jacqui just wanted to rest her head in Takeda left shoulder, but when she did that the rest of the passengers that were boarding the bus looked at her weird, everyone did that,  he didn’t really cared but she considered that as rude, some people did that when they were on the city but they tried to hide it, but here it was like they were aliens in love or something ridiculous or exotic.

When they finally arrived at downtown Chapala, they search for those city maps but they only found the letters of the city in different colors, the lake full of small ships with the mexican flag and the first part of it dry and full of hierba! and all the men selling all kinds of souvenirs.

The starring at them wasn't frequent but it was still there, Jacqui wanted to sit down, relax and stare at the place while he looks for the goddamn base.


Meanwhile on the HQ, there were good news, Kenshi finally woke up with no signs of amnesia or illness, one of the nurses noticed him moving his head and she made sure that he was ok, Jax was visiting johnny for some chit chat and revisiting some of his weapons when they got the news, Sonya was already on the room talking about the mission of his son with Jacqui, she forgot to tell him their location but she did told him about what Cassie’s team found about Suchin but she only mention it briefly, after all he saw everything that happened that horrible day.

He suggested to inform Takeda about it but she told him that she would do it eventually after he completes his mission, Johnny didn’t hesitate to say some of his jokes and pranks,as everyone just tried not to punch him.

Jax wanted to talk to him about Jacqui’s relationship with his son so he waited till he was alone with him.

“Kenshi, are you aware that your kid maybe is dating my daughter?”

“Yes, he himself told me some days ago, I can tell you he cares about your daughter mr. Briggs”

“He better be,  otherwise I will beat him if he tries something funny with her heart”

“Hehe calm down, try to avoid thinking that way, they’re young and they need to learn by their experiences in life, let’s just wish them the best ok Briggs”

“Haha ok i’ll try”

“Oh another thing, did Sonya told you were is Takeda-san right now?”

“The only thing I know is that they’re still searching the place they need to destroy in Mexico”


It was already 2 o’clock and no signs of progress in any way, although they spend one hour just looking, buying crafts of any kind and taking photos & selfies all over the place, until they saw a tourist guide and Takeda convinced Jacqui to ask him questions about the area and the map.

“I just hope he doesn’t turn out to be an asshole”

She approached him with the piece of the map in her hands

“¿Disculpe señor le puedo preguntar algo? (excuse me can I ask you a question)”

“Claro, lo que quieras guapa (Of course, anything for you beautiful)”

“De casualidad no sabe más o menos donde se podría ubicar esta zona? (Do you know where this place could be?)”

“Dejame revisarlo, ehh podría ser… ,¡ohh ya se! este lugar está ubicado cerca de Mazamitla, le dicen la suiza mexicana o también pueblo mágico porque es un pueblo montañoso rodeado de pinos y casas de madera que está como una hora de aquí, les recomiendo que lleven suéter, es mas deja te doy un pequeño mapa que traigo en mi mochila y te marco una x en el (Let me see it, ehh it could be… , ohh I know! this place is around Mazamitla, it’s named the mexican switzerland or “pueblo magico” because is a village on a mountain full of pine trees and wood houses that is 1 hour away from here, I suggest you to carry a sweater, in fact let me take out a map of it of my backpack and put an x on it)”

While he was looking at the map he couldn't avoid asking her a question about Takeda

“Por cierto, ¿el es su novio? (By the way, is he your boyfriend?)”

“Si (Yeah)”

“Valla, eso no se ve todos los días, al menos aquí en este país, hola chavo ,como esta? (Well, that’s something you don’t see often, at least not in this country, hello kiddo, how are you?)”

“Cool.. genial señor”

“Bueno aqui puede estar eso que buscan, ahi tambien es una zona turistica asi que si se pierden o algo pueden preguntarle a otro guía o hasta la gente (Well here’s where it could be that thing you’re looking, the village is also a touristic zone so if you get lost or something you can ask another guide or the people itself)”

“¿Donde podemos abordar un camión que nos lleve hasta alla? (Where can we take a bus to go there?)”

“Ahí mismo donde agarras los camiones de Chapala, son azules y te llevan derechito y sin  escalas hasta allá (Right where you take those Chapala buses, but they’re blue and they take you right there without stopovers)”

“Bueno, muchas gracias! (Well thanks so much!)”

“No hay de qué, y dígale a su novio que es un suertudo por tener una mujer hermosa a su lado

(no problem, and tell your boyfriend that he’s so lucky for having such a beautiful woman by his side)”

Jacqui just laughed feeling complimented, he of course asked what did he said and she responded that he thought the base was located on Mazamitla, she didn’t mention that last comment because she wanted to avoid an unnecessary fight of jealousy, she said it was just a joke.

They choose to leave town as soon as possible, while waiting for the bus, Cassie send a message to Jacqui, basically to say hi and talk about their duties, joking about stuff and she told her that they found something related to Takeda’s mom but she wasn't allowed to say anything, that the general wanted to tell him once they finished their work there.

When they took the bus, both of them took a nap because they got bored, at least that bus wasn't a dirty mess, but they woke up when they arrived to the entrance of the village because of the cold that’s a well know aspect of the town.

As they left the bus central, they had to buy some larger and warmer hand-made sweaters with a cool stripes blue and white design,  they walked around the streets. watching all the houses painted in white and red colors, all the souvenirs stores with wood crafts of every kind, the people passing by, again the occasional stare at them was still there, at that point it was becoming a little bit annoying, the air was freezing, the restaurants were lonely, calm and relaxing.

They took a break on San Cristobal cathedral, located near the plaza , with a neoclassical architecture, they took the chance to search for a place to spend the night, the money was still abundant so that wasn't a problem, most of them were traditional cabins, some of them simple but others exotic or plain awesome.

The most popular was called “Monteverde”, with a large variety and cost, they took advantage of their budget and rented the biggest one, equipped with a king side bed, a kitchen, a chimney , 2 red chairs, a jacuzzi and a nice view to the grass, birds and the whole “Sierra del Tigre” mountain.

While there, Jacqui took a nap and Takeda received a phone call from his father and left the cabin to avoid waking her up.

“Papa-san! You’re okay?”- Takeda asked

“Of course son, how’s Mexico?”

“Great, we should visit here some other day with less stress”

“Son, I need to tell you something”


“Hanzo just called me, he said that he wants you to go to his temple for a couple of weeks for a special event he’s organizing for his most valuable and prodigy students”

“Really? when is that going to start?”

“After your mission is done”

“What? but I had plans, will Sonya allow me to take a break from the team?”

“I will convinced  her to do so, you’re only going to go 2 weeks, not a whole year, you can learn new techniques from the younger students”

“I will think about it dad, see you later”

After a while, she ask him who was the one that called him, he replied with honesty as he told her about Hanzo’s plans, the time he would spend there & that he really didn’t wanted to go in order to be with her, she gave him an interesting opinion, she suggested to go there, she didn’t want to interfere with his plans in any form, she wanted to have a balance between their love and their duties or professional careers, he felt relieved with her words as he thanked her for her comprehension she was showing accompanied with a slow but passionate kiss.

Because he left the door opened, Jacqui saw a young man with a red uniform running desperately, she broke the kiss and ran faster until he was punched around the back and neck as she began treated him.

“¡No por favor no me regresen a la base del clan! ¡no quiero volver a ver a esos pendejos! (No please don’t send me back to the base! I don’t want to see those pieces of shit ever again!)”

“¡Calmate! ¿espera dijiste base? (Calm down! wait you said base?)”

“Si... decidí desertar porque estoy harto de ver las cosas brutales e inhumanas que llegan a hacerle a la gente del mundo (Yes… I decided to leave because I’m tired of seeing all the brutal and inhumane stuff they do to the people of the world)”

“¿Dónde está? no te vamos a regresar ahí no te preocupes, probablemente tendras informacion valiosa para detenerlos, veras nosotros pertenecemos a las fuerzas especiales… (Where is it? don’t worry we aint’ taking you back there, you probably have key information that can help us destroy them, you see where’s from the special forces…)”

“Los que detuvieron el ataque de Shinnok? (The ones that eradicated Shinnok’s attack?)”

“Exacto, nosotros 2 somos la mitad de ese equipo mi nombre es Jacqueline Briggs y el es Takahashi Takeda (Exactly, where’re 2 of that team, my name is Jacqueline Briggs and he is Takahashi Takeda)”   - she said as he said hi to him

“Un gran honor conocerlos ( Nice to meet you, it’s a great honor)”

“Bueno, tendrás que colaborar con nosotros si no quieres que te arresten, quédate en nuestra cabaña o primero ve a cenar tacos y cuida nuestras cosas, informarnos si ves algo curioso, por cierto ¿cual es tu nombre? (Okay, you will collaborate with us if you don’t want to get caught, stay in our cabin or go first to eat tacos,  if you see something suspicious please tell us, by the way what’s your name?)”

“Fernando Castro”

“Ok ve a comer y te esperamos aqui (ok go eat and we will leave you here)

“No vayan en estos momentos, la zona estará muy vigilada si se dan cuenta de que escape, aunque es una base muy pequeña a comparacion de otras ( Don’t go there right now, the are will be heavily secured if they find out I escaped, although it’s a tiny base in comparison to others)”

“Partiremos al amanecer, de mientras le informaremos a nuestro general los avances hechos, anota la ubicación en una nota de mientras (We will go tomorrow morning, in the meantime we will inform our general about our process here, please write the location of the base on a piece of paper)”

After they did all that, the 3 went to sleep deeply because they got a long & dangerous day coming through, after they woke up, all their equipment, outfit and the automatic weapons gauntlets for Jacqui and the whips and armor for Takeda, they knew those things would attract the attention of civilians & cops so they choose to left in the same route Fer escaped, they only had to climb the wall of the hotel area, it wasn't really that far, but it is full of pines, rocks, and difficult ups and downs to walk through, meanwhile Fer had to stay in there and wait for their return, but they left one of their phones in case they get caught or in the worst case killed, if they didn’t return after 3 days he would had to call General Blade and send infantry and a rescue team, but that didn’t really matter to him, he just rested and felt blessed that he escaped the living hell of the clan.

That path ended 3 blocks away from the main gate of “Cascada El Salto” a famous waterfall that ends near the hidden base, they walked fast enough to only been seen by 2 guys outside of their homes that just laughed on how they were dressed, as they reach the gate, they saw a bulletproof 4x4 van with 4 people in dressed with red uniforms, the 2 guard that looked normal immediately opened the door, some time later they told them that they were send by special forces to inspect the area because of an “atomic danger” on it, they fell on the trap and let them in by only paying them 3 pesos, while they kept walking the six  kilometers that takes you to get to see some cabins even bigger and fancier that the ones in Monteverde, but they were all either abandoned or lonely, at first they thought that those were the homes of high rank clan members but one was being clean by the only living resident of them so they discarded that theory after that.

When they arrived, they only saw a couple in the bridge that surrounds the river right down the waterfall taking cute selfies around the view taking advantage of the high tide of it due to the night rain of the day after.

As they left, Takeda couldn't control his urge to take some photos on a little bench in the middle of the river so he ask Jacqui to take one in there making fun poses and faces as he ask her to join and relax for a moment before they advanced any further, she tried to send a message to Cassie but there wasn’t any phone signal, he hold her shoulders tight just like he always does, he told her that this place looked like the woods near the Briggs farm but colder, she just laughed as he told her to smell the natural aroma and feel the water on her feet, out of nowhere he threw water on her head and she struck back by taking him to the mud on the left as they playfully brawled with water and dirt on the floor.

Until one tourist stared at them and grind before taking photos, they tried to clean themselves with the falling water and wait till their clothes were a little bit dry, after that they walked besides the rest of the river as far as they could before they got tired and rested on a fallen tree, they discovered a corpse hidden on the leaves that smelled like crap that had been there like a week, they recognised his uniform that was from the mexican equivalent of the marines, if they had signal they would research any related information on their website,  but nothing was there, not a warning or a logo, but one footstep in the ground and others barely visible in a north direction, there were clandestine graves all over the place, they weren’t big or tall but at least they were like 5 of them, the smell was awful and dizziness, but at least it was near the base.

A tiny one compared to the one set to Cassie, Jin & Ely, full of back up searching for their missing traitor, they hided on the abundant grass and decided whether they should end this quickly, rushed or start with some stealth, enter the base and then kill everyone.

They picked the second option, Takeda killed 3 soldiers with an shirai ryu kunai buried on their necks while Jacqui only knocked down two by strangling them, after that they got in by the basement that was full with automatic customise weapons built for them, Takeda grab one, loaded it and he hung it on his back.

They started shooting in mass as long  as they opened the door, they left 4 soldiers without bullets but Takeda cut their arms with his whips as he kicked them in the face while running  to the next section.

Daegon immediately left the same way as he did earlier and leaving his blind soldiers behind, but he left a threatening note to his offenders and suspecting they were the same guys of  Lampang, meanwhile they left a pool of blood through the floor with their bodies destroyed by either the bullets, the whips or even their fist and feet, without any mercy at all.

As they finally got in the main headquarters it was the same story, full with classified documents of any kind, secret or upcoming missions and disgusting images of torture, as they found & read the note left in a desk, they wanted to ignore it but the way it was written in cursives and what appear to be blood they couldn't leave it there and they keep it in order to read it carefully later, they called for backup in order to take the papers to the HQ, Takeda told one of the soldiers to just take them to their not only because Fer was there, but because he told him that they still have some activities that they wanted to complete, he just warned that Sonya needed to see him once they finished.

After Fer left in the afternoon, he took her for a walk from the streets to the plaza, where a traditional dancing of charros with horses and escaramuzas doing an impressive show for all the people around the place, after that he took her to a restaurant/cafe because it started to rain heavily, but their activities were interrupted by a message sent by Sonya who told them that they should come back to the HQ in at least the next two days or they would be penalized for non attendance , meanwhile they grab the suspicious letter of the red dragon leader that said:

If you come across this warning, it means you are the same people that destroyed my lampang headquarter, I don’t know what is your benefit of doing this but I guaranteed you will regret it, blood will be spilled all over the place, limbs will be cut and I will enjoy seeing you all scream in pain with no mercy as you see all your friends death in the most gruesome ways possible, I’m a powerful edenian demigod who murdered my parents with no regret as I left my brother behind in a long sleep, don’t fuck with me or my clan or every single one of you will burn in the flames of the netherrealm for the rest of eternity.



The red dragon

“Wow this got serious”- Jacqui said

“no, he’s the one that will suffer in the netherrealm, but he said he has a brother that he left behind?”

“Weird,  guess we will have to search for him later on, he might help us considering he isn’t a part of the clan, but now let’s enjoy this moment”

Some time later, someone began to randomly beat out a harmless lady outside of the restaurant and other guys passing by, Takeda got up of his chair and run to get him on the floor as he choked him until he got calm, he tried to ask him what were his motives but he just kept cursing him in spanish, at one moment he lost his patience so he broke his neck like it was no big deal and left him on the ground as he exposed his partnership with the black dragon because of his silver chain with that logo, he kicked him repeatedly in the face with such anger he almost would have destroyed his skull if it wasn't for the cops that stopped him and almost arrested him until he showed them his special forces ID.

His face showed apathy towards his actions, but he was confused about how could he let his emotions decide to take action so easily, he sat down again, payed the coffees and left like nothing had happen before, but a seller who saw everything praised him for being so brave against that “thug”, but he turned his head and ignored him even though he didn’t understand anything but he guessed about  what was he talking about because of his vibe.

Jacqui forced him to sat down on a bench and talked about what he did earlier, he showed her the chain and immediately recognised both the logo and a code written in small letters around the  thin belt, she holded him tightly as she told him he did the right thing and convinced him to get those thoughts out of his mind by renting some horses in order to take a walk around town.

When they got back to Monteverde after they came back from having fun & buying stuff, they put everything back up into their luggages as they bought the tickets back to the US on a travel agency near the area, they got to sleep a little bit early than usual, everything was fine until midnight, when Takeda woke up suddenly for no reason as he heard some low  growls and tears while she was still sleeping deeply, he thought she was having a nightmare as he tried to woke her up by shaking her head but she didn’t react, he let her alone while he was wondering why she was feeling that way.

Anyways, they left the hotel at 9 in the morning, they left Mexico at 1 o’clock and they got back to their planned schedule around 4 afternoon, Jacqui was chatting with Cassie about what they did previously meanwhile Takeda approached Sonya in order to give her Daegon’s creepy card, he explained what they did to the soldiers and what happened outside of the cafe with the black dragon undercover guy, she dismissed a new young recruit with bald hair and a menacing look as she approached to him.

“Takeda, we need to talk about something that Cassie found on her part of this mission, it has to do with your deceased mother”


“They discovered this classified document that covers up everything related to her graphic murder, if you want to avenge her you need to read every single part of it”

He tried really hard to paid attention to the details described on the papers, at first he was neutral but as he continued reading he slowly broke in tears of anger, he couldn’t hide them although he tried, he drop the papers and ran to the men’s bathroom, a couple of minutes later he came back and apologies for his behavior as he continue reading like nothing had happen. Sonya didn’t go tough on him because she knows this was difficult for him to digest, remember the memory of his mother in the worst way possible, but he needed to know what happened that day.

When he finished reading he asked about him leaving to the Shirai Ryu temple for his reunion with the younger students, she hadn't minded that, there wasn’t any known serious threat in the world aside from the red dragon, even if she didn’t want to let him go she had to because of the deal they have.

2 days later, he was ready to go with one of the clan ninjas early in the morning on a bay near the pacific ocean, Jacqui helped him get everything in it place and to give him company while they got the green light to leave, she didn’t like the idea of him leaving without being an important reunion which she didn’t hesitate to tell him so, but she tried to understand that he won’t always be on her side for whatever reason, but still she really tried not to feel envious, when they were ready to go on board he hold her head with his arms as he kissed her forehead and later her red lips.

Some days after he left , she went back to the HQ for one of the daily trainings only to find out that it was being attacked by what looked like the black (or red) dragon, parts of the building were in flames, bodies were tossed around everywhere, she panic when she saw Ely lying on the ground with a badly exposed injury on his knee, he approach to her by crawling and moaning in pain, he grab her leg  while trying to explain what just happened.

“That new guy, with the bald head, this was his fault!”

To be continued...
The light chapter 5
Damn the time it took me to release this... is the longest thing I have wrote till this day, not even my final spanish project of an autobiography! that was 15 pages and this is like 17 and a half pages and 6,604 words! temptations used to be the longest chapter with 3,154, I'm proud of myself XD 
Again sorry for the long ass writing hiatus but in between the writing blocks something personal happened that I will explain on another deviant, and I didn't want that to affect my storytelling.

I wanted this to take place on my beloved country but not in the typical mexico city that everyone uses, some parts are in my hometown Guadalajara and the rest is in Mazamitla, Jalisco because I even visited there when my L.A uncle was visiting my family with the purpose of giving a better description of the place and it's history,  hope I can  show you guys another side of Mexico that at least in the US doesn't get exposed as much in media, all you see is chapo guzman and the drug cartels, fuck that. And it's also a excuse for writing dialogues in Spanish XD 

But anyways, enjoy it! :D 
7-0... Against Chile... WTF just happened!!! Really México? I usually don't do this kind of thing or act like this but this is an horrible exception, this is soccer! we're really passionate fans, you made history, but in the worst way possible.

I know it's just a game, but you might agree that this is really shameful not only for the country
but for the whole sport, the same old promise of greatness and the same disapointments...

Fuck you Osorio and your experiments on Copa América. (Sorry for the rant but I'm really angry)
Man I've reminising about lot's of things, mostly because I was kind of sick of flu XP (and I can't sleep)
I still remember when I wanted to be a singer back in 2013 Lol, music has been really influential in my life and it shows on my fanfics, specially rap (BTW rest in peace Phife Dawg)  & spanish rock , my past fandoms & ships, friend & family, you know pre-Jakeda stuff XD

Speaking of, while I do feel like a foreign fan, I'm glad I support the ship, that I created the Tumblr blog of them, I've seen comments of it everywhere praising it and it put's a smile on my face, in 2 months It will be the  1 anniversary of the blog & 1 month for the ship's one ;)

Shout  out to all the cool Jakeda shippers :D

Well enough of me talking XD
Stay postive! :)

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